Natural Sleep Aids

There are sleep which are aids natural to overcome insomnia, namely by making use of nutmeg, kale, and celery. One of the tips to keep your body fit is adequate and quality sleep with sleep aids natural. The problem is many people are now less sleep because of sleep disorder or insomnia. In fact, 30-50 percent of world population suffers from insomnia, and 10 per cent were categorized as chronic insomnia. Although the body has been a while lying in bed, still not able to sleep. The main cause of insomnia is stress. People with insomnia often have weak powers of concentration and experience in the rate of severe fatigue. Adequacy of your sleep is not measured by the length of time to sleep, but rather on the quality of sleep. Sleep quality is said if you wake up in the morning in a state fit. Do not underestimate the traditional ingredients, it does look and sound strange, but this has been proven by so many people.Make sleep aids natural by your own
There are some way to make sleep aids naturalon your own hands. Combined the three materials, namely spinach, nutmeg, and celery, which lately I know that it started mixed by Dr. J. Sidhajatra Suwono, about 30 or so years ago, proved to effectively cope with the ¬ is difficult to sleep and stabilize high blood pressure. Watercress serves as trigger sleepiness. Nutmeg really is not that cause drowsiness such as kale, but it makes good sleep. Meanwhile, celery act to stabilize blood pressure. If you have problems with sleep disturbances (insomnia), try this triad. Guaranteed you will be able to sleep soundly without chemicals but sleep aids natural.
There are various ways to make your own sleep aids natural:
Stewed or juiced, Kale and celery may be consumed as a vegetable, while nutmeg can be made syrup or candied. These three ingredients can be mixed to overcome sleep disorders. How? For example, each 1 handful of watercress leaves and wet celery and nutmeg to taste. In dry form, more or less it weighs about 30-10 grams.
Stew, rinse two handfuls of spinach that has been cleaned up underneath the trunk then take two handfuls of celery, and nutmeg to taste. Heat three cups of water until boiling. Then enter the three ingredients and wait until the water is just one glass. You can add a teaspoon of honey if desired. Drink this concoction after dinner or before bed. Or maybe in juices form, rinse a handful of fresh spinach that has been cleaned up underneath the stem, a handheld celery, and nutmeg to taste. These three ingredients are put into a blender that has been filled and a half cups of water. Once blended, you can filter it and add a teaspoon of honey or milk to taste so much sweeter. If you want more fresh, add ice cubes. Drink after dinner or right before bed. Sleep aids natural indeed not difficult you just need to get some information and be creative.


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